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On Tuesday, December 13, 2022, the Cape Elizabeth School Board voted in favor of adjusting the 2022-2023 district calendar to allow for two days of kindergarten screening for children entering kindergarten next year (2023-2024). This directly impacts the school year for our current kindergarten students as there will be no school for kindergarteners on April 12 and 13, 2023. All other students will have school on those dates. 

Making this shift will allow our school team to conduct screening for current preschool children who will enter kindergarten next year. There are critical reasons this decision was made, which are outlined below. 

  • To provide a more thorough screening experience for our incoming students and parents by allowing our screening team to focus on those incoming students without simultaneously needing to provide instruction for current kindergarten students.
  • Open up space in the building to host the screening appointments. Now that students will not be in the classes, our screening team can utilize the entire kindergarten wing for the assessments and interviews given as part of the process. 
  • Allow all kindergarten teachers and supporting staff to participate in the screening process. With higher enrollment numbers, we need more time and staff to provide the screening in order to meet the demand. In the past, we were only able to utilize two classroom teachers in order to keep school in session for kindergarten students. 

We recognize that changing the calendar mid-year is inconvenient and may cause challenges for some. We express our deepest gratitude for any rearranging or adjustments required by this shift. We appreciate your support and understanding.


Jason Manjourides, Principal

Sarah Forrey-Pettit, Assistant Principal