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PikMyKid is coming to Pond Cove Elementary. 

The PikMyKid parent smartphone app on IOS or Android allows guardians to easily assign other people pick up permissions for certain days, time periods, and pick up modes. You can quickly set this schedule up to repeat throughout the year, or rearrange it if necessary. This is much safer than the usual list of allowed guardians sent in at the start of the school year– on days you don’t designate they won’t have access!

We are currently in the "soft roll out" phase. New Car Tags have been distributed. These will help us speed up and safely get kids into the correct cars. Please use your new Car Tags. 

Please download the PikMyKid app for your smartphone (IOS or Android). 

If you have questions, please feel free to give us a call. 

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we transition to this new system.